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I move at the velocity of a happy sloth.


I was going to get mad at everyone in my art class for wasting expensive paint but then I got distracted by how pretty it was

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what has four legs? a table! haha, i love to have fun

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o yea the 90s. the 90s were great. fuckin sick. raw as hell. learning how to speak. crying for no reason. shitting in my diaper

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i see a lot of posts on tumblr along the lines of “let’s watch movies and make out” and yeah i can see the fun in that if the movie is boring but if the movie is REALLY GOOD and has a lot of intense action scenes or dialogue then don’t kiss me don’t tOUCH ME DON’T LOOK AT ME BECAUSE YOU BETTER BE WATCHING THE GODDAMN CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE ON THE SCREEN WE CAN HAVE SEX AFTER THE AVENGERS SAVE THE CITY

There’s a lot of films I haven’t finished

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Summer days. Drinking away.

Summer days. Drinking away.